CERROSAFE alloy for chamber moulding

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CERRO alloy is a bismuth-based alloy used for moulding the chambers of guns, pistols, barrels, etc. It is used in a variety of ways in the industrial sector.

What is a CERROSAFE alloy for chamber casting?

A CERROSAFE alloy is a low-melting alloy consisting mainly of bismuth and other non-ferrous metals. It is made from high-purity primary metals. It oxidises very little and can be used several times in a variety of situations. CERROSAFE alloys for chamber moulding have a melting point between 70 and 90°C. They are used to make impressions of barrel chambers, muzzles and barrels.

Characteristics of CERROSAFE alloys for chamber casting

The solidus/liquidus temperatures of CERROSAFE alloys are between 70 and 90°C. Its density at 20°C is 9.4, while Its Brinell hardness index is 9. After 2 minutes of casting, the expansion rate of this alloy is -0.04. Depending on the requirements of your processes, CERROSAFE alloys can take the form of ingots, small ingots or bars.

Metaconcept, your supplier of recycled non-ferrous alloy 

Metaconcept is your partner for the supply of CERROSAFE alloy. By choosing our products, you reduce your carbon footprint as they are the result of a recycling process. We recycle bismuth and industrial alloy waste. The quality of our CERROSAFE alloy is guaranteed. It is suitable for your industrial uses. Metaconcept can customise the characteristics of your CERROSAFE alloys by setting the parameters for the metal content. You can modify its melting temperature, hardness and expansion rate.

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