Our Main Business Sectors

Many different business sectors use metaconcept products in their production processes


The automotive sector invests heavily in sustainable development to promote energy efficiency and better environmental protection. metaconcept is a partner of the leading brands in the automotive sector and offers integral solutions for fans, moulds, blades, rotors, pistons and gears.

Aeronautics And Space

metaconcept is an essential partner for sectors with high added value such as aeronautics and aerospace. Thanks to our high standards and know-how we contribute to technological progress and innovation with our customers.


metaconcept supplies alloys for the design, construction and renovation of buildings and infrastructures. We are committed to being at your side to provide you with effective solutions.


metaconcept products are used in the design sector even for creations requiring food standards. Our engineers work directly with interior designers or architects, creative or art institutes, craftsmen, pewter counters creators etc.


metaconcept specialises in application solutions for connector technology, turbines, engines. As a reliable supplier in terms of service, repair and maintenance for industrial processes, metaconcept works alongside the market leaders in the energy sector.

Electromechanics And Electronics

metaconcept products have been developed for use in the electronics and electromechanical sector. Discover our material solutions for soldering and brazing, including wires, rods, preforms, ingots, fluxes and creams.

Fashion and Jewellery

As a privileged partner of the largest French and international luxury and jewellery houses, metaconcept also works with costume jewellery manufacturers.


metaconcept has developed a range of high purity alloys for medical devices and radiation protection. We take into account the technical requirements of each application in order to provide innovative and reliable biocompatible materials.

Mining and Quarrying

metaconcept operates in mining and quarrying sectors, proposing bearing/babbitt alloys/white metals for repairing rotative machines, rolling machines, mills, crushers.


metaconcept products have been used in the agri-food sector since the group came into existence. We offer alloys that are specifically designed to meet food standards. Our engineers work directly with the designers of the brands we collaborate with such as interior designers, design institutes, workers.


In this period of heightened awareness of environmental and societal issues, metaconcept is proud to reaffirm its engagement to a more than 15 years old recycling policy. We are committed to increasing our positive impact by reducing the carbon footprint of companies.

They Trust Us

We work with worldwide industries/end users and our products are also sold by many reliable partners.