Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves making decisions based on ethical principles rather than financial gain alone. In this period of heightened awareness of environmental and societal issues, metaconcept is proud to reaffirm this strategic position which was initiated more than 15 years ago. Our company is committed to increasing its positive impact by reducing the carbon footprint of industries through metal recycling. Our experience today allows us to propose solutions for many metals. When this is not (yet) the case, our Research & Development department is hard at work to find innovative solutions.

Each kilo recycled reduces the carbon footprint of mining and thus contributes to the sustainable development goals defined by the UN / United Nations. We actively participate in the protection of the environment and we recover waste from industrial operations. This activity benefits from ISO 9001 V2015 certification.

Since January 1, 2022, we have been a Coq Vert certified company. This community brings together French companies committed to the ecological transition. We are convinced of the need to act together to protect the environment. Metaconcept has implemented very concrete actions aimed at:

  • Limiting climate change and restoring biodiversity;
  • Making the ecological transition a central axis of our company;
  • Publicising and promoting eco-responsible solutions such as the recycling of industrial metals;
  • Federating and mobilising communities of entrepreneurs;
  • Engaging in the ecological transition within metaconcept with a stated aim of attaining carbon neutrality.

The obje1ctive of metaconcept and many other French companies is to put in place a strategy that contributes significantly to the issues of protection and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. It is necessary to adapt and initiate transformations in the face of climate change and to encourage the sustainable use of natural resources.