The most valuable resource of metaconcept is above all its collaborators. We respect the uniqueness of each and every one and we offer everyone the means to find their place and flourish. We do everything we can to ensure a safe and caring working environment, allowing people to progress and reconcile professional and personal life.

We apply both the 4.5 day week and the 4 day week!

In fact, we are flexible on work schedules, within a given framework, which allows for better efficiency and effective collaboration between people and departments. This has many advantages, not only for the employees but also for the company. It has been shown that this type of organisation makes it possible to condense projects, to have increased productivity and to improve the well-being of the workers.

We support associations

Metaconcept works with the Val’Trions association for the inclusion of employees in professional reintegration. Val’Trions collects all the items you want to get rid of. If it is impossible to rehabilitate all the objects and if they cannot be sold, these items will be redirected to recycling or environmental channels. The sale of reused and recycled products offers recycled goods at low prices to people who need them.

Val’Trions is also a work integration workshop (ACI). The association offers support and a professional activity to unemployed people encountering particular social and professional difficulties. The aim of the association is to facilitate their return to sustainable employment.