Electrical and Electronic Waste Recycling

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Waste electrical and electronic equipment, also known as WEEE or WEEE3, refers to waste consisting of appliances that operate using an electrical or magnetic current. This waste is divided into 7 categories: screens, heat exchangers, small equipment, lamps, large equipment, photovoltaic panels and small computer equipment. Metaconcept offers you its services for the recycling of your electrical and electronic waste.

What are the Main Steps in The Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Waste?

The recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment or WEEE takes place in several stages.

Sorting at Source and Collecting the Equipment

The preservation of human health and the environment requires the use of sustainable products. The systematic disposal of faulty electronic devices should be avoided. It is advisable to repair them or have them repaired by a professional.

For the recycling of electronic waste, it is useful to deploy a selective collection with dedicated skips or bins. It is also possible to transport them to a voluntary collection point. Depending on its condition, e-waste can be recycled or reused.

Reuse and Recycling of Products

In cases where WEEE is reused, it is reconditioned, tested and then redistributed. If they are recycled, they are dismantled for the recovery of various materials, such as glass, metals, plastics, etc.

Treatment and Recovery of Weee

After collection, e-waste is transported to treatment centres. There it is sorted and cleaned. The recovered materials can be used to manufacture other products.

Why Sort and Recover Weee?

Recycling electrical and electronic waste has a number of advantages:

  • Respect for the environment: these operations make it possible to reduce the quantity of heavy metals released into the environment. The presence of these metals in nature is highly dangerous;
  • Preservation of natural resources: the reuse or recycling of WEEE reduces the exploitation of natural resources, which are in short supply. In addition, these solutions also save the energy needed to transform these raw materials into components;
  • Preservation of human health: some components or materials present in WEEE can be hazardous to human health. The recycling of electronic waste reduces the quantity of waste in the environment;
  • Respecting the regulations in force: waste electrical or electronic equipment has its own regulations in the professional field.

metaconcept Recovers your Electrical and Electronic Waste

Metaconcept provides a valuable service to recycle and recover your waste electrical and electronic equipment. Our efficient and innovative processes allow us to treat a significant quantity of WEEE per year.

The treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment takes place in 5 stages:

  • Collection of the WEEE, with verification of the traceability documents;
  • Reception on site and weighing and initial sorting by type;
  • Preparation, which includes cleaning and removing electrical wires;
  • Decontamination and complete dismantling of the equipment to recover the recoverable materials. This operation can be done mechanically or manually;
  • A second sorting of the extracted materials and their redistribution to the channels that need them.

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