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Costume Juwelery

Pieces can be realized by centrifugation with METACONCEPT alloys


The METACONCEPT Group offers a wide range of products designed for the jewellery and silverware markets, among others. It supplies alloys as bars, ingots , plates, sheets and wires as well as chemical products such as powders, pellets deoxidisers and flux . Finally, a range of silver-based creams complements the above-mentioned products for assembly and modification purposes.

Our costume/fancy jewellery flat bars bare specially designed for all types of arts and crafts works. Created from primary metals, they generate minimal slag and give an impeccable surface appearance. They especially meet the requirements of clients using a centrifugal or gravity process to produce their parts. Some fashion items or costume jewellery can also be produced using this centrifugal process with zamak or polyurethane resin.

High-quality lead-free alloys

Our range also comprises lead-free products specific to silversmithery and tableware chosen for their food-safe properties suitable for these applications.

The lead-free alloy reference MF100183 known as ECOBIJAL has been created and developed by theMETACONCEPT Group and improved with the assistance, over several months, of engineers specialising in the metallurgy of non-ferrous metals. The improvements made to these alloys make it possible to create all types of parts, even smooth parts, with an exceptional surface quality and an excellent response to the surface treatment.



Lead-free ECOBIJAL bar

Miniature finished products