CERRO® Fusible Alloys

Fusible alloys, CERRO® fusible alloys

In April 2012, the METACONCEPT Group incorporated the production of BERTRANDIAS S.A en avril 2012 so now offers fusible alloys CERRO®.


  • Bismuth-based non-ferrous alloys with a low melting temperature which expand or contract upon cooling
  • Made exclusively from primary, high purity and systematically monitored metals
  • Reusable alloys that are unlikely to rust
  • Any other fusible alloys such as alloys from Wood’s metal, Arcet’s metal, etc., and for all temperatures between 38 ° C and 227 ° C, are available upon request
  • Trademarked, in ingots of around one kilo ; other shapes available upon request: sticks, flat bars

Our strength: an integrated testing laboratory

To control the melting points of each alloys CERRO®, we systematically check the solidus and liquidus temperatures after production. A cooling curve log coupled with the phase diagram allow us to guarantee the value and consistency of this data.

CERRO® ingots molds

CERRO® ingots molds

CERRO®_fusible_alloys_brochure_metaconcept.pdf  (584.81 Ko)