Dental waste recycling

METACONCEPT Recycling offers a complete recovery service for dental waste. It consists of collecting dental amalgam from approved collection centres or directly from dentists and orthodontists.

In 2013, METACONCEPT Recycling, recognised for that last 10 years for its white metal collection service can offer dentistry professionals and licensed collection centres a complete service comprising the removal, transportation, storage, sorting and recovery of metals originating from dental waste.

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Types of waste collected:

  • Dry amalgams
  • Wet amalgams
  • Amalgam separator filters
  • White ceramic fused to metal crowns, cleaned or filled
  • Nickel/chrome or chrome/cobalt based inners or print waste
  • X-rays


Businesses concerned:

Dental professionals but also all specialist collection centres throughout France. Our team is at your disposal to adapt its services to your needs.


Simple and well-managed procedure:

METACONCEPT Recycling supplies clearly labelled, adapted and standardised containers for your dry waste. We also collect boxes containing your wet waste regardless of the manufacturer in question: Dürr Dental / Sirona / Metasys / Cattani / Rectus / Combinsep

Your boxes are cleaned and returned to you within15 days.

Complete control:

The process is tracked and guaranteed via a CERFA form signed by all stakeholders.METACONCEPT Recycling uses an exclusive internal system for sorting the complex waste and then works together with certified and qualified European recovery companies. All stages are clearly defined: information on the origin of the waste, its properties, collection methods, transportation and storage, the names of the companies involved and the destination of the waste. For everything you need to know on dental waste disposal regulations


A virtuous cycle:

  • Waste generator
  • Collector
  • Transportation and arrival atMETACONCEPT Recycling
  • Product separation (mercurial water, sludge, etc.)
  • Cleaning the containers, returning them within 15 days
  • Metal extraction (mercury, magnesium, silver, tin, copper, zinc, etc.)
  • Processing and refining the amalgams
  • Reconditioning of metallic production up to 99.9%
  • Reuse of metals in the manufacturing industry

Recycling dental amalgams by METACONCEPT



Pierre BRIAND – MD of Sani Collecte – Marseille

“We are completely satisfied with the services provided by the METACONCEPT Group both in terms of processing timeframes and the return of containers and paperwork. The staff, who are easy to reach, are also very friendly. It is fully compliant with regulations and legislation, therefore we would recommend this company”.

Pierre Briand
Managing Director of SANI COLLECTE
Collection and disposal centre for medical waste from healthcare professionals

Our certificates

Classified Installation for Environment (ICPE)  (196.24 KB)
Authorization for Trade and dangerous products  (223.12 KB)
Transport and cross border transfer of waste  (32.32 KB)