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Zamak or zinc alloy is one of the best-known jewellery materials. It is an alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper. Resistant and easy to work with, this metal can be used to make jewellery in shapes ranging from simple to highly complex. Are you looking for a manufacturer of zamak for jewellery? Opt for a quality alloy produced by a recycling process by calling on Metaconcept.

Characteristics of Zamak

Zamak is a zinc alloy consisting mainly of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and sometimes copper. The metal is widely used in jewellery thanks to its many advantageous characteristics. It is appreciated for its excellent strength and durability. It is used in many sectors. While jewellers use it to create jewellery, other sectors use it to make tools, mechanical parts, sculptures and so on.

The composition of zamak can vary depending on its application. Whatever its use, it consists mainly of zinc, ranging from 85% to 95%. This base metal is combined with other metals in varying proportions: magnesium, aluminium and even copper. The addition of these elements gives it specific properties and characteristics. Copper, for example, gives it a shiny appearance. Magnesium gives the alloy its mechanical properties. Manufacturers of zamak for jewellery, such as metaconcept, can modify the composition of zamak to give it specific properties.

Applications of Zamak for Jewellery

Every user and manufacturer of zamak for jewellery knows the advantages of this zinc-based alloy. It is corrosion-resistant, highly malleable and easy to work. Jewellers can shape it without difficulty to create a variety of jewellery designs. What’s more, zamak is weather and heat resistant and has a long life. Finally, zamak jewellery is very popular with customers thanks to its better value for money. It is more affordable, while offering better aesthetics.

These many advantages make zamak a versatile metal. In jewellery, it is used to create jewellery: earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, etc. It can also be used to make figurines. It can also be used to make figurines and sculptures. In mechanical and electrical engineering, the alloy is used to make holding parts. Zamak also has soundproofing properties. It is used in a variety of architectural and industrial applications. It reduces noise and vibrations.

Zinc alloy is also used in the manufacture of furniture decorations, fashion accessories, surface treatment solutions, etc. It is also used in leather goods, miniatures and model making. To stock up on zamak, call on metaconcept, zamak manufacturer for jewellery.

Innovations and Trends in the Use of Zamak in Jewellery

Thanks to its many qualities and versatility, zamak has become an essential material for jewellery. Over the years, further innovations and trends have emerged, shaping its use in the creation of jewellery. These innovations include the use of advanced manufacturing techniques. With the various advances in technology, it is now possible to produce complex, detailed pieces with great precision. This opens up new design and creative possibilities for jewellery designers.

Sustainability and eco-responsibility are also currently being emphasised in the use of this material. Unlike other materials, zamak is recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. What’s more, jewellery manufacturers are increasingly looking to reduce their environmental footprint by favouring sustainable manufacturing practices and using recycled materials. This famous material also allows for a wide variety of finishes and surface treatments. Among other things, zamak jewellery can be plated with different colours and finishes, such as silver, gold, bronze and copper, offering consumers a wide range of aesthetic options to suit their tastes and preferences.

The incorporation of innovative elements such as natural stones, crystals and pearls into jewellery design is also an emerging trend in the use of zamak. These elements add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the various pieces. This helps to create jewellery that stands out for its originality and elegance. In any case, zamak continues to play an essential role in the creation of unique and attractive jewellery.

Metaconcept: Quality and Reliability for the Manufacture of Zamak for Jewellery

Rely on quality and reliability by making metaconcept your zamak supplier partner for the manufacture of jewellery. We are a French company that creates alloys and is committed to the energy transition. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of your business by offering you recycled zamak. Our activities are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The zinc alloy offered by Metaconcept is of superior quality. It is suitable for all applications. Our engineers can also assess your needs beforehand and offer you zamac with specific compositions, properties and characteristics. Making us your manufacturer of zamak for jewellery means you can offer your customers solid, high-quality jewellery.

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