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The recycling and recovery of non-ferrous industrial waste not only helps to protect the environment, but also saves money. Faced with growing demand for raw materials, industries are looking for other alternatives to supply themselves. Raw materials are not inexhaustible, and for some metals, their availability can be counted in decades. metaconcept has been developing expertise in non-ferrous metal recycling for 15 years and continues to be committed to these environmental and industrial issues.

Why is it Important to Recycle Non-Ferrous Metals?

The demand for non-ferrous metals is constantly growing. This is particularly true for chrome, cobalt, nickel, lead, copper, aluminium, titanium, zinc and precious metals. For aluminium in particular, 24 million tonnes are produced per year, with Australia being the largest supplier. To meet demand, industries are now reducing the use of metals from natural resources and favouring those from recycling and reclamation.

The recycling of non-ferrous metals has not only environmental but also economic advantages, such as:

  • preventing environmental damage (soil and atmospheric pollution and deforestation)
  • saving resources (some of which are becoming scarce) and the energy needed to extract and process the ore;
  • recovering the material by recycling it and thus producing new metals more quickly which will rapidly find their way onto the market.

Categories of Recoverable Non-Ferrous Metals

As it is highly regulated and often complex to implement, the recycling of used metals sometimes impacts on the productivity of companies. Moreover, legally, it is up to the producer of industrial waste to proceed with its destruction or recycling since the law n°75-633 of 15 July 1975 relating to the elimination of waste and the recovery of materials. To facilitate the recovery of old metals, the metaconcept group offers companies in the metallurgical sector the collection and elimination of their metal waste and residues. metaconcept has thus developed several areas of expertise, including:

  • recovery of classic waste ;
  • treatment of complex materials based on tin, lead or silver
  • provision of recovery drums for: waste, slag, scrap, dross, oxides, powders, ashes, etc.

Our recycling process is carried out in four stages and we take care of all the administrative aspects, namely:

  1. Provision of suitable containers: you do not have to handle anything.
  2. On-site collection of your waste in approved, light-weight containers.
  3. Transport by an approved professional: we collect your waste on the agreed date, without disrupting your activities.
  4. Sorting, recycling and recovery.

metaconcept, Expert in Recycling and Recovery of Non-Ferrous Metals

Entrust metaconcept with the recycling and recovery of non-ferrous metals. We can process various types of metal from polluted soldering or tinning baths, jewellery waste, wave soldering residues, oxides collected from molten metal baths, tin-based laminate offcuts and any metal waste from electroplating and tin pottery.

metaconcept has set up an exclusive device that separates the different components of the waste (tin, lead or silver based) and reallocates these residues to other destinations or for other uses. This system optimises the recovery of the waste and ensures that the extracted metal retains all its qualities. Most importantly, it does not cause any pollution.

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