Recycling and Reusing Industrial Metals

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Recycling and recovering industrial metal waste not only helps the environment but also saves money. Faced with the growing demand for metals, industries are looking for other alternatives to supply their metal needs. Thanks to the recycling of industrial metals implemented by metaconcept, you can save money while enhancing your sustainable development approach.

Why is it Important to Recycle Industrial Metals?

Industries generate a lot of waste. In the majority of cases, these are defective metal parts or machines. This waste can also be scrap from production lines or construction sites.

The recycling of industrial metals is an environmental necessity. Thus, recycling makes it possible to :

  • prevent environmental damage (soil and atmospheric pollution and deforestation)
  • save resources (some of which are becoming scarce) as well as the energy needed to extract and process the ore;
  • recover the metal by recycling it and thus producing new metals more quickly which will rapidly find their way back onto the market. Recycled metals account for 47% of steel requirements in France.

metaconcept specialises in the recovery, purchase and recycling of industrial metals. Our mission consists of sorting, isolating and separating the materials that make up the waste by recovering the materials that can be recycled. metaconcept has developed a fast and efficient recycling service to ensure the logistics and recovery of the waste. The recovered metals are melted and purified and then transformed into bars, ingots or coils.

List of Types of Recoverable Industrial Metals

There are two categories of recoverable industrial metals:

  • Ferrous metals, consisting of steel and iron scrap;
  • Non-ferrous metals, which include lead, aluminium, zinc, copper, nickel and tin scrap. Non-ferrous metals also include machine parts, batteries, profiles, motors and wiring.

In order for these metals to be reusable, they have to go through several stages of recycling and reclamation:

  • Collection;
  • Sorting, which takes place manually or with special machines depending on the nature of the metals;
  • Processing, which consists of crushing the sorted metal waste and then compacting it;
  • Distribution: after the metals are compacted, they are put back on the market for further use.

This service is carried out in collaboration with qualified and certified companies thanks to the support of an exclusive internal device for separating complex waste (tin, lead or silver based).

metaconcept, Expert in Recycling and Recovery of Industrial Metals

Entrust metaconcept with the recycling and recovery of industrial metals. We can process various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from polluted soldering or tinning baths, jewellery waste, wave soldering residues, oxides collected from molten metal baths, tin-based laminate offcuts and any metal waste from electroplating and tin pottery.

metaconcept has set up an exclusive device that separates the different components of the waste (tin, lead or silver based) and reallocates these residues to other destinations or for other uses. This system optimises the recovery of the waste and ensures that the extracted metal retains all its qualities. Most importantly, it does not cause any pollution.

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