Refractory plaster – Molding powder for lost-wax casting

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There are many jewelers and craftsmen who use the technique of lost wax casting to make jewelry. For casting gold and some other metals, a refractory plaster is needed. It is a casting powder for lost wax casting, which at the same time allows uers to smooth the surface of the casting. Metaconcept offers quality refractory plasters for jewelry craftsmen and jewelers.

Refractory plaster technical sheet

Refractory plaster is a powder designed for molding and used during lost wax casting. It is used for casting metals and alloys, such as copper, gold, silver, bronze, etc. It is of great use among jewelers and jewelers.

This is not a new process as lost wax casting is a technique that has in fact been used for over 6,000 years. It remains the oldest and most widely used metal forming technique today, not only in jewelry and artisan jewelry, but also in art and dentistry. Lost wax casting is also used in industries to create precision metal parts.

The application of refractory plaster is one of the steps in the process of using lost wax. The powder is used for the casting of a metal or an alloy and to ensure that the casting surfaces obtained are perfectly smooth. To use it, the craftsman must first make a model of the jewel in wax. The wax is then shaped to transform it into a model.

For this, the wax is heated so that it can become malleable. Once the shape is obtained, refractory plaster is applied to cover the model. As the plaster is heated, it hardens. At the same time, the wax melts and pours out, but its imprint is maintained inside the plaster mold. When this step is completed, the craftsman only has to pour the molten metal to obtain the desired shape.

Benefits of using molding powder

The casting powder offered by Metaconcept, named Prestige ORO™, is designed for casting Palladium and 24-carat gold. It is made with a high quality gypsum dedicated specifically to the casting of gold up to 24 carats. The use of this quality refractory plaster has many advantages, such as:

  • practicality: to use it, simply apply it to the entire surface of the lost wax to obtain the plaster mold. This is due to its rich, creamy and easy to pour consistency;
  • Satisfying Results: Casting powder ensures smoother casting surfaces due to its high quality. It comes from the most famous deposits in the world. It is made of a superior quality cristobalite from the United States;
  • Compatibility with all the injection waxes widely used at the moment thanks to its fairly specific expansion properties;
  • Reduction of surface defects, reduction of wax surface tension, reduction of finishing time.

Metaconcept: the assurance of obtaining prestigious coatings

To obtain quality parts without bubbles, choose refractory plaster from Metaconcept. We are a French company specializing in non-ferrous alloys and associated fluxes for various applications such as the use of metals in various forms: powders, rods, bars, preforms, ingots, etc.

Thanks to Metaconcept, you will benefit from quality casting powder for lost wax casting. Our products come from an ecological and responsible production process. They are designed not only for craftsmen, but also for industrial applications. Get more information about our product by contacting our technical services.

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