ROSE’s Alloy Supplier – Composed of Bismuth, Tin and Lead

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ROSE alloys are low-temperature fusible alloys made from bismuth, tin and lead. For supplies of ROSE alloys, trust Metaconcept.

What is a ROSE alloy?

The ROSE alloy takes its name from the German pharmacist Valentin Rose The Elder (1736-1771). The pharmacist spent his entire life studying the various proportions of bismuth, lead and tin alloys. The results of his research were published posthumously in 1772.

ROSE alloys have a low melting point, between 94°C and 98°C. They are made up of 50% bismuth, 25 to 28% lead and 22 to 25% tin.

ROSE Alloy Use

This low melting point alloy, also known as a fusible alloy, is used in a variety of applications. Thanks to its low melting point, it can be used, for example, as a thermal fuse for the temporary holding or forming of parts. ROSE alloys are used in many fields, including optics, aeronautics and the manufacture of space parts.

Metaconcept, supplier of ROSE Alloys

Metaconcept is a supplier of a whole range of alloys with a low melting point. The Bismuth, Tin, Lead composition enables us to offer you a melting point that meets your requirements for the manufacture of safety systems or the forming of parts.

Depending on your needs, we can supply you with various forms of ROSE alloys such as small ingots, bars, pins, rods and ingots. With Metaconcept, you can benefit from alloys derived from a recycling and revalorisation process involving the recovery of industrial waste, scrap, used baths and white metal oxides. Contact us for more information.

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