Silicone Moulds for Epoxy Resins

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Artisan jewellers and jewellers today choose to make their customers’ jewellery themselves, so as to offer them personalised and therefore unique pieces of benefit. They need silicone moulds to create jewellery that perfectly meets their customers’ expectations. To facilitate the creation of jewellery in your workshop, jewellery store or jeweller’s shop, opt for Metaconcept’s epoxy resin silicone moulds.

Advantages of using epoxy resin silicone moulds

Jewellers and jewellery craftsmen need an epoxy resin silicone mould to make jewellery. This is used to give a metal a particular shape, using the casting technique.

Casting is a very old jewellery-making technique. It dates back to ancient times. It is used to create objects by casting molten metal. Gold and silver are the most common metals used in jewellery-making. There are many casting techniques, but lost-wax casting remains the most widely used to this day. The problem with this method, however, is that it cannot be used to create massive pieces. What’s more, it’s expensive to use.

As an alternative, some craftsmen and companies in the jewellery industry are now opting for epoxy resin silicone moulds. The process involves using liquid silicone with a translucent elastomer base to create a mould. This technique offers a number of advantages such as;

  • easier implementation: liquid silicone is easily transformed into a mould;
  • time-saving: the mould is generally available in just 60 minutes, thanks to a faster temperature drop;
  • versatility: with silicone for epoxy resin, you can make moulds of all shapes and sizes for a wide range of materials.

Epoxy resin silicone mould features

Epoxy resin silicone moulds are made primarily from a translucent elastomer. It has a hardness of shores. The material of which it is composed enables the desired mould to be created. It contains a base agent and a polymerization agent. It can be used to produce transparent moulds.

Silicone moulds for epoxy resin have the particularity of offering rapid handling times. A temperature of 23°C is reached in just a few minutes. Polymerization takes around 60 minutes. During use, silicone moulds are unlikely to shrink. Its shrinkage rate is just 0.02% in 5 days. Thanks to the silicone mould, you’ll be able to create complex, highly precise jewellery shapes, such as wedding rings, rings, earrings, bracelets and more.

Metaconcept: the promise of quality service

Metaconcept modernises your jewellery-making processes by providing you with epoxy resin silicone moulds. These top-quality moulds are designed to facilitate the creation of your moulds and the casting of metal or alloys. Thanks to its ease of use, you can shape your jewellery as you wish, or according to your customers’ expectations. Metaconcept guarantees the quality of its products. If you care about the environment, choose Metaconcept products: we recycle waste and use quality recycled materials to preserve natural resources.

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