Silicone Moulds for Jewellery-making

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To offer customers unique, trendy jewellery, jewellers can make their own. To do so, they can equip themselves with silicone moulds. Silicone is a product that can be used to create moulds quickly and easily, which in turn can be used to produce jewellery that precisely meets the requirements of both designers and customers. For jewellery-making silicone moulds, opt for the quality liquid silicone offered by metaconcept.

Why use a silicone mould for jewellery making?

Jewellery-making generally requires a mould. It is used to give a particular shape to a metal using the moulding technique. The use of this technique is not new. Indeed, casting has been used since ancient times to create objects by pouring molten metal. Gold and silver are the most commonly used metals for jewellery. Numerous casting techniques exist. One of the most widely used is lost-wax casting. The process consists in creating a wax model to obtain an object in metal such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, aluminium, etc. Jewellers are gradually abandoning lost-wax casting, as it cannot be used to make massive pieces. What’s more, it can be costly to use.

More and more artisan jewellers and jewellery companies are turning to silicone mould making for jewellery production. The technique involves using translucent elastomer-based liquid silicone to create an identical model. This solution offers a number of advantages:

  • Easy to use: there’s nothing complicated about transforming liquid silicone into a mould.
  • Time-saving: in most cases, the mould is available in just one hour, thanks to rapid temperature reduction.
  • Versatility: silicone can be used to create moulds of all sizes and complex shapes for casting various types of metal: gold, silver, bronze, etc.

This innovative technique is widely used today for the manufacture and reproduction of various shapes and styles of rings, wedding rings, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Product features

Before creating a silicone mould for jewellery making, it’s essential to know its characteristics. The liquid silicone used is made from a translucent elastomer with a hardness of shores. This material can be used to make moulds, thanks to its base and polymerization agent content. The resulting moulds are transparent.

Silicone moulds can be handled at 23°C in just 10 minutes. Polymerization takes around 60 minutes. The advantage of this type of mould is that it ensures minimum shrinkage during use. Its 5-day shrinkage rate is low, at around 0.02%. In addition to ensuring rapid use, silicone moulds also guarantee high precision for the manufacture of complex jewellery shapes. It also lasts longer.

Metaconcept: the jewellery technology expert

To modernise your jewellery manufacturing process, make metaconcept your partner. We offer liquid silicones designed for the production of silicone moulds for jewellery manufacturing. Our high-quality products are designed for jewellers, goldsmiths and other craftsmen in the jewellery industry. Depending on your needs, we can supply liquid silicone in large quantities for the production of various types of moulds. We can also guide you through the initial use of the product.

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