Soldering Flux For Electronics

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The use of a flux is essential to ensure the toughness of the brazed joint. It is used to remove oxides that form on the surface of the parts to be joined before brazing. To eliminate these oxides completely, Metaconcept offers a soldering flux and flux remover for electronic tin soldering. Our products are of guaranteed quality.

Benefits of Electronic Tin Solder flux

Tin is widely used as a filler metal in the electronics industry. This non-ferrous metal has the advantage of melting at 230°C. It is widely used for its good electrical conductivity and also for its more affordable price. Tin solder is used for mechanical and electrical connections.

As with other metals, tin may require a pickling flux when brazing. The flux is used to guarantee the effectiveness of the solder and the strength of the joints. Several types of flux are available for electronic tin soldering. These are generally chemical products to be applied beforehand to the parts to be joined. Some filler metals already contain fluxes, such as soldering creams, pastes, flux wires, preforms, etc.

Choosing the Right Flux for Electronic Soldering

To ensure that the solder you make is effective, you need to rely on a good flux stripper for electronic tin solder. This chemical product must be adapted to the nature of the parts to be assembled, the type of filler metal and the heating method used. For electronic soldering, connectors and cable tinning, for example, you can use Flux Alpha A83. RADSOL 2101 fluxes are recommended for soldering heat exchangers. POWERFLOW 100g cream is suitable for brazing in the building trade, for art work and stained glass. There’s also a T010 deoxidizing powder for cleaning dead baths or wave baths.

The use of a brazing flux is essential when assembling parts using tin. It must be applied evenly to ensure a uniform result. There are many ways of doing this: by spraying, dipping or brushing. Soldering must be carried out immediately after the flux has been applied, to prevent the flux from evaporating. Before applying the product to the metal, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Make sure the flux type is suitable for the melting temperatures of the filler metal.

Finally, to protect your operator during the operation, he or she must wear protective equipment such as an apron, gloves, shoes, helmet and goggles.

Metaconcept: Your Trusted Supplier for Soldering Fluxes

Metaconcept is a supplier of fluxes for electronic tin soldering. Our products are high quality and dedicated specifically to tin. They are suitable for a wide range of assembly parts. They can be used to treat copper, bronze, brass, tinned or brazed steel, nickel and various alloys. They are compatible with tin melting temperatures. The strippers we manufacture are designed to give you a solid joint. They comply with current environmental standards. Flux residues can be cleaned with water and are non-corrosive. Depending on the specifics of your application, we can supply a range of flux strippers.

With Metaconcept, you benefit from products derived from a recycling process. On our website, you’ll find a range of fluxes for soldering and brazing. We offer a variety of welding rods and wires: TIG rods, MIG wire, METALU rods. Our products are ideal for industrial use.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical experts, who will get back to you promptly.

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