Spin casting

High performance centrifugal casting technology

Spin casting

From high technological centrifugal technology to certified quality alloys, silicones discs and consumables, Metaconcept Group is a global provider for spin casting applications. Spin casting or centrifugal casting systems are used in the parts molding process. Rubber or molten metal based molds are created using centrifugal force at a set speed along a central axis while the given material solidifies and sets.
Metaconcept Group is at the forefront of innovative low-melting point, fusible alloys, designed specifically for the spin casting process. Thoroughly tested compositions, careful study and logging of solidus / liquidus of our multi-process, spin-casting alloys allow us to offer manufacturers, excellent quality alloys with guaranteed melting point properties and cooling phase expansion or contraction responses.

Brands of the Metaconcept Group, such as ECOBIJAL MS, made from high quality, pure metals, offer easy to use alloys for spin casting, widely used in the design and manufacture of jewelry, household goods and small decorative arts and crafts pieces. Specifically designed for the jewelry-making sector, ECOBIJAL MS, is an innovative, bismuth-based, green alloy, free of lead, cadmium and nickel, and meets international standards for health and safety.

The Metaconcept Group range of spin casting technology, accessories and consumables

Metaconcept Group supplies alloys with improved fluidity and effective mold filler in diverse settings; adjust temperature, speed and pressure to obtain parts of varying shapes and forms. Our customers save time and cost thanks to the highly pure composition; production is optimized with far less microporosity and the superior surface condition offers both greater ease during the unmolding process and an attractive finish for arts and crafts products.

Discover also, the Metaconcept Group range of spin casting technology, accessories and consumables, designed by the group’s leading Italian brand, Nicem. Casting lines include, vulcanizers, molding frames, furnaces and centrifugers. Together with lines of silicone molding rubbers, soldering wires, fluxes, we are able to provide complete spin casting solutions for your production line.
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