Certifications & Standards

In our continuing pursuit of quality, our company is committed to a certification process to meet the requirements of the most recognised standards.

Developed by independent bodies, these standards guarantee our compliance with technical regulations relating to the characteristics of our products or services, as well as manufacturing and marketing methods.

All our products are manufactured according to extensive specifications written by the METACONCEPT Group or together with our clients. For brazing, soldering and welding products, the manufacturing specifications meet the highest of standards.


For the company

  • ISO 9001:2008 quality management
  • ICPE: Installation Classified for the Environment (ICPE)
  • Authorisation for the cross-border transfer of waste
  • Authorization for trade and dangerous products

For our products

  • ISO 9453 : soft soldering alloys
  • NF EN 611-1 : tin-based products
  • NF A 56-101 : Babbitt white metals

ICPE Declaration – METACONCEPT Group  (399.23 KB)
ISO 9001:2008 certificate METACONCEPT France  (219.13 KB)
ISO 9001:2008 certificate METACONCEPT International  (219.42 KB)
Cross-border_transfer_waste_2014  (32.32 KB)

But also :
AWS A5, DIN EN 13411-4, NI2004-64…/…
  • Patented alloys and brands
  • Standard and customer dedicated specifications
  • Technical support
  • Design of products dedicated to customers (Jewellery, Aeronautics, Semi-conductors,…)