Tin Bath Range – Static Tin Bath for Soldering / Desoldering

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To produce a static tin bath for soldering or de-soldering, you need a number of quality products, such as anodes, domes, pellets and granules. When you choose Metaconcept as your partner, you can be sure of receiving top-quality products that will enable you to carry out your tinning bath properly.

Static Tin Plating: an Essential Process for Soldering and Desoldering

Static tin plating is the process of applying a thin layer of tin alloy to a metal part. This is done using a variety of techniques, such as electrolytic deposition, immersion of the part in a bath of molten tin, chemical deposition or supercooling. It can also be carried out manually, using oakum. The process is used for tinning, de-tinning and de-sparkling.

To make a static tin bath, you need a tin-based metal. This metal can take on a variety of shapes and characteristics, depending on your process requirements. Many industries use this surface treatment technique. In the electrical and electronics industries, for example, tin plating is used to cover the part to protect it from corrosion. It also ensures good electrical conductivity. Finally, tinning facilitates soldering and desoldering of the part.

Static Solder Bath Product Range: Options and Applications

Metaconcept offers a range of products for static tin baths. We offer anodes dedicated to the surface treatment of a part by electroplating. Our range of anodes for electroplating consists of products manufactured by casting in custom molds. They are ideally suited to specific applications. We also offer general-purpose extruded anodes for all applications, and beaded anodes designed specifically for use in titanium baskets.

In addition to anodes, Metaconcept also offers domes, pellets and granules in pure metal form from alloy baths. These products are used to complete or refill a tinning bath. They are also used in electroplating. They can be used for surface treatment and corrosion protection of metal surfaces. Our products are of high purity, which guarantees good results when making static tin baths for soldering or desoldering. They are designed to provide a uniform coating on the parts to be covered.

Their enlarged surface makes the electroplating process easier and more efficient. Domes, pellets and granules are used in a variety of sectors, including electroplating, electronics, automotive, aeronautics, connectors, electrical, metal braiding and space. Waste from static tin baths can be collected and recycled.

Optimizing Performance and Durability in Static Tin Baths

To optimize performance and durability in static tin baths, precise control of the bath chemistry is first required. A balanced solution ensures a uniform, adherent tin layer. So, by regularly monitoring impurity levels and adjusting additives, you can prevent defects such as inclusions and oxidation. What’s more, adding specific stabilizers can extend bath life. The frequency of replacement and the associated costs will then be reduced.

It’s also important to take bath temperature into account. More specifically, a stable and appropriate temperature must be maintained, as this not only ensures uniform tin application, but also prevents rapid degradation of bath components. Heating and temperature control systems must therefore be reliable and precise to minimize variations that could affect coating quality.

To maintain the purity of the tin bath, the use of modern filtration and recirculation techniques is also essential. These systems remove particles and contaminants, ensuring that only the purest solutions come into contact with the materials to be treated. Efficient filtration also extends bath life by reducing the build-up of waste and residues.

Finally, staff training and supervision must not be overlooked to optimize performance and durability in static tin baths. Bear in mind that well-trained operators are able to detect and correct anomalies quickly. Standardized procedures and rigorous quality controls also contribute to maintaining high levels of performance and durability.

Metaconcept: Leader in Innovative Welding Solutions

Metaconcept is a leader in innovative welding solutions. We specialize in the commercialization of tin alloys, their recycling and brazing. We design and manufacture tin-based non-ferrous alloys and fluxes for soft and hard soldering. We also produce various tin-based metals in different forms for industrial use: bars, rods, ingots, powders and preforms.

For your static tin bath processes for soldering, Metaconcept offers a wide range of quality anodes dedicated to surface treatment by electroplating or electroplating. We also supply domes, pellets and granules for filling tin baths. All our products are derived from a recycling process. They’re interesting if you’re committed to reducing your environmental footprint, preserving natural resources and protecting the planet.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our technical staff, who will provide you with prompt, precise and personalized answers.

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