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Known since antiquity, tin is a material used in many alloys. It is widely used in the manufacture of a variety of objects. Many old objects contain this metal. Do you have pewter waste? Choose metaconcept, the expert specialising in buying and selling pewter in all its forms.

Advantages of buying pewter wholesale

Tin is a ductile, malleable metal known for its silvery-grey colour. It is used to make crockery and other objects. Unlike other materials, pewter is harder, stronger and easier to work with.

Tin, waste that can be recycled for your business

Tin comes in many forms. It can be found in many old objects, such as pots, crockery, pottery, plates, soldering rods, beer pipes, ammunition, figurines, spirit capsules, tinplate and so on. If you have these different items and they are no longer in use, you can take them to a specialist sorting and recycling company such as metaconcept, instead of throwing them into the environment.

Tin is also present in industrial waste in the form of slag. This contains tin and silver and is therefore more expensive to buy. Lead-tin alloys are used in soldering and welding. Steel-tin alloys, also known as tinplate, are used in the food industry to make food and drink cans. They are also widely used in the mechanical engineering, automotive and electronics industries.

The waste from these various uses of tin can be properly sorted and recycled. metaconcept offers to buy this waste and sell wholesale tin from a recycling process.

Economies of scale through bulk purchasing

Recycling metals is essential because if no measures are taken to reverse the current trend in consumption, natural resources will run out within a few years. Tin reserves will be completely exhausted in 2028, gold in 2025, lead in 2030 and copper in 2039.

It is therefore necessary to recycle waste in order to save resources. Waste goes through several stages (collection, sorting, cleaning, etc.) before being transformed into secondary raw materials that can be reused in industry. The use of these recycled materials reduces the amount of tin extracted from the tin deposit. This approach also helps to protect the environment, since the energy used to extract and process the ore is considerably reduced. Buying and selling tin also enables you to produce faster, thanks to a shorter supply chain. Once metaconcept has bought your tin scrap, we can immediately offer you wholesale tin to supply your production line.

Better profitability thanks to kg recovery

As well as guaranteeing the preservation of natural resources, buying back tin and selling it wholesale (recovery by the kg) optimises your industry’s profitability. In fact, the cost of recycled tin is more affordable than that of mined tin. This price difference is due to the recycling and reclamation process for industrial waste, which is shorter and more energy-efficient than the deposit. By reducing the price of the raw material you use, you reduce your costs and optimise the profitability of your industry. The quality of recycled tin is identical to that of tin from a deposit. It is therefore suitable for a wide range of industrial and craft uses. Depending on your needs, metaconcept can produce various types of tin-based alloys.

Criteria to take into account when selling tin wholesale

When it comes to wholesaling tin, there are a number of criteria to consider. First of all, you need to make sure that the seller is committed to sustainable development, since tin is one of the non-ferrous metals on the verge of exhaustion in the earth’s crust. By choosing recycled products, you are also making a commitment to preserving natural resources and promoting sustainable development. metaconcept’s recycling activities are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

When buying tin in bulk, it is important to ensure the quality of the product. The seller must guarantee the quality of the tin or its alloys. By choosing metaconcept as your supplier of recycled non-ferrous metals, you can be sure of receiving products of excellent quality. Our soft solder alloys are ISO 9453 certified and our tin-based products are NF EN 611-1 certified.

metaconcept, Specialist in the purchase and sale of tin in bulk

metaconcept is a specialist in the purchase and sale of tin in bulk. We can buy your tin scrap and tin-based alloys from various manufacturing sectors. To reduce the use of natural resources, we recycle this metal, a process that involves several stages: collection, weighing, sorting, cleaning, processing and redistribution.

To offer manufacturers and craftsmen a responsible and sustainable supply chain, metaconcept also offers wholesale sales of recycled tin. Our tin buying and selling prices are in line with current market rates.

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