Which Brazing Alloy should you Choose for Jewellery?

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The art of jewellery making requires special metal ranges to achieve high quality brazing. Which brazing alloy should you choose for jewellery?

Artwork: Which Brazing Alloy Should You Choose for Jewellery?

Artwork may require the joining of two metals of the same or different nature. Brazing must then be carried out with the help of a torch. Silver, gold, brass and copper can be joined using this process.

The quality of the brazing depends principally on the brazing material used. It must have good mechanical properties. Its strength must be close to that of the metals which are due to be joined, also known as base metals. In addition, the brazing material must have good wettability. For these reasons and many others, the characteristics of the chosen brazing alloy must be adapted to the type of alloys used.

So, which brazing alloy should you choose for jewellery? It is important to consider the melting point. The melting point of brazing alloys is not identical. It can be high, medium or low. It depends on the composition of the solder. For example, silver can be soldered with copper, silver and zinc alloys. These have a high melting point. When they contain cadmium, tin or silicon, their melting point decreases.

The choice of solder is also based on the colour. This must be chosen appropriately so that the metals joined retain their colour after brazing.

The title is also important. It corresponds to the quantity of metal in the alloy: 750 (18K), 585 (14K), 417 (10K), etc. It concerns gold in particular. To braze this metal, a gold brazing alloy of the same title should be used.


metaconcept provides you with tailor-made solutions. We offer several types of brazing alloys for the jewellery industry. These different types of filler metals, pure metals and alloys are intended for soldering/brazing operations and for the manufacture of specific parts. For jewellery and art work, we have a range of alloys, fluxes and specific products: alloys in bars, ingots or wires, powders, tablets, pickling gels, granules, but also silicones for foundry and decorative resins.

metaconcept also offers pins, especially for art work. Made from primary metals, they are particularly suitable for professionals who use a centrifugal process to make their jewellery and parts.

Our jewellery metals are complemented by a selection of silver cream for assembly and retouching.

Our solutions are used for various applications such as costume jewellery with a high pewter content, pewter pottery based on pewter and antimony, figurines based on pewter and antimony, decoration-furniture based on zamak or lead pewter, mechanics and electricity (which concerns holding parts generally made of zamak).

Metaconcept : Jewellery Vices, Pure Metals & Alloys for Jewellery

Are you looking for a supplier of metals for the jewellery industry? metaconcept is a specialist in tin alloys, their recycling and brazing. We offer a wide range of materials: rods, bars, wires, laminates, preforms, powders, etc. They are designed for many sectors: automotive, aeronautics, food industry, construction, medical, fashion, costume jewellery, etc.

Our products are certified to ISO 9453 (for soft solder alloys), NF EN611-1 (for tin-based products) and NF A 56-101 (for anti-friction white metals).

As a committed company, metaconcept confirms the recycling orientation initiated over 15 years ago. We assist numerous companies in recycling their non-ferrous metal waste. Finally, we work with qualified and certified companies thanks to the support of an exclusive internal system for separating complex waste (based on tin, lead or silver). In this way, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact of companies.

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