Which Rod Is Best for Brazing Aluminium?

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Aluminium brazing requires the use of a suitable rod. The melting temperature of this material is low (700°C), so the use of an incompatible rod may cause piercing upon starting, especially if the sheets which are to be soldered are very thin. So, which rod should I use to solder aluminium?

Which Rod Should You Use for Brazing Aluminium?

An aluminium rod is an arc welding rod used for brazing aluminium and its alloys. To carry out a brazing operation, you need an inverter-type welding machine and a direct current (+ polarity).

Which rod is best for brazing aluminium? Aluminium rods have specific characteristics that distinguish them from rods designed for other metals. They are designed for brazing and welding aluminium. Like the base metal, they are corrosion resistant, have low porosity and good mechanical properties.

In addition, aluminium rods are designed for optimum electronic emission, dimensional stability at high temperatures, machinability, formability and thermal conductivity. They are used in a variety of applications including foundry alloys in the chemical and marine industry, aluminium brazing and welding operations on engine blocks, tanks, cylinder heads, containers, tanks and many others.

The Characteristics of our Products

Which rod is best for brazing aluminium? We offer a wide range of aluminium rods. The TIG rod for welding under neutral gas is used for welding aluminium-silicon alloys. It is suitable for various types of applications, such as the welding of aluminium alloy air conditioners and heat exchangers, as well as the connection of aluminium or aluminium alloy pipes.

metaconcept is also a supplier of MIG rods. These are suitable for brazing aluminium-silicon alloys in the form of wire. We also manufacture METALU cored wires. These are useful for flame brazing of aluminium and certain aluminium alloys. They are used in brazing to repair leaks in aluminium radiator tubes (oil coolers, air conditioners, motorbikes). They are also used to repair aluminium parts with brass or copper.

metaconcept also manufactures other types of rods designed for various applications: Sn50-Sn60 rods for the assembly of mechanical parts, Sn100 rods for surface treatment such as brassware or culinary tinning.

The aluminium rods manufactured by metaconcept are available in various sizes, weights and shapes. In terms of shape, there are three distinct forms, namely trapezoidal, triangular and classic rods.

metaconcept, A Brazing Specialist

metaconcept is a specialist in tin alloys, their recycling and brazing. They come in various forms: rolled, rods, bars, powders, wires, preforms, ingots, etc. The alloys produced by metaconcept are designed for critical applications in various sectors: automotive, aeronautics, food industry, construction, medical, nuclear, fashion, costume jewellery, etc.

Our products are certified in accordance with ISO 9453 (for soldering alloys), NF EN611-1 (for tin-based products) and NF A 56-101 (for anti-friction white metals).

As a committed company, metaconcept confirms the recycling orientation initiated over 15 years ago. We assist numerous companies in recycling their non-ferrous metal waste. Finally, we work with qualified and certified companies thanks to the support of an exclusive internal system for separating complex waste (based on tin, lead or silver). In this way, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact of companies.

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