Silver Brazing Creams

Silver Brazing Creams

Brazing fluxes, silver soldering

The METACONCEPT Group’s silver brazing creams are comprised of a homogeneous blend of metal powder, flux and binding agent. They are generally packaged in a syringe and can be applied manually or mechanically. Solder cream is a paste designed for the more accurate assembly of parts that do not require active fluxing. Indeed, the choice of powder, its granulometry and the quality of the stripper means that the cream has a very precise action. The product’s packaging enables precise application and optimised joint quality.

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Precautions of use

Waste originating from the use of these products can be recycled.Contact our recycling department to find out the terms and conditions.

This table shows the most commonly used alloys for brazing

The METACONCEPT Group can also offer palladium-, copper-, nickel- and aluminium-based brazing creams. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Solidus / Liquidus
Ag42 Cream
Silver – copper – zinc
Limited mechanical properties
Ag45 Cream
Silver – copper – zinc – tin
Specific solder for ferrous and copper alloys, electrical contacts
Ag54 Cream
Silver – copper – zinc – tin
Universal silver solder, low melting temperature
Ag56 Cream
Silver – copper – zinc – tin
Universal silver solder, excellent fluidity – Ag 800 / 1000

Available accessories:

  • Manual measuring device
  • Dosing applicator
  • Disposable cool box for the cream

Storage of creams: 18 months in a refrigerator at 10°C +/- 5°C. Normal temperature of use: 20 to 25°C.

The creams above are supplied in 3, 5, 10 and 30 cc standard plastic syringes (10 to 100 g depending on the alloys). Other packaging options are also available upon request. The syringes are equipped with needles which are perfectly suited to the application system. The needles range from 0.15 to 1.60 mm in diameter; they are plastic or metal, straight or curved, long or short to take advantage of technology across all processes.

The creams are used in all industrial sectors requiring the use of automated or manual brazing operations.

The product safety datasheet below is available upon request from the METACONCEPT Group.

The parts to assemble must be totally clean and degreased.

The “refusion” is achieved using a flame, furnace, via induction or electrical resistance.

For dosing operations that require optimal application control, use a dosing applicator for the creation of uniform points and regular filling.

To prevent burns caused by the molten metal, it is advisable to wear a protective apron, shoes, gloves, helmet and glasses.

  • Do not smoke at the workstation.
  • The workstation must be well ventilated.
  • Wash your hands when leaving the workstation.

Comments :
Always use a flux suited to the intended use. Contact our technical department to find out which product is most suited to your application.

All of the information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and the METACONCEPT Group will not be held liable for it.


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